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Every week, nearly 52 weeks a year, we need ushers, coffee hour coordinators and providers, a reader or two, flower arrangements, teachers and candle lighters. It takes a congregation to make a Worship Service! All this happens every week. Please consider volunteering your time and talent! There are sign up sheets for flowers, ushers, teachers, and coffee hour helpers downstairs. If you would like to read or contribute in another way to the worship service, please let Rev. Deirdre White know. She would be happy to talk with you!


Please consider donating flowers from a florist or from your garden for the Sunday service. Celebrate a special occasion or in memory of a special person in your life. There are plenty of containers available for you to use and help in arranging the flowers if you would like. Please call the office to let us know which Sunday you would like to do this.

Ways You Can Serve the Annisquam Village Church & the Community

​Sunday School
An enriching program for our children and volunteer teachers. We use “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum (which can be found online) as well as supplemental materials.

Your participation in our children's spiritual formation is greatly appreciated! Please speak with Rev. White if you are able to volunteer your help.


Volunteering to read passages at Sunday service is a wonderful way to participate and share the gift of your presence.

Ushering is an important role in the church. On the Sunday you usher, you are the face of the church for friends and strangers. Imagine entering our doors for the first time, not knowing "the ropes" and maybe not knowing anyone in the sanctuary. This happens more often than you might think. Welcoming the new person and making them feel at home can make the difference between whether they come back or stay away. As a church "where all are welcome, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey," ushers create that welcome for all. Please consider serving the Annisquam Village Church as an Usher and representing God's invitation to worship.


Standing Committee, Finance Committee, House Committee, Nominating Committee.

2018 Board Committee:

  • Beebe Nelson, Chair
  • Ellen Johnson
  • ElizaBeth Emery*
  • Richard Luecke*
  • Nancy Olson
  • Donna Ramsden
  • Rob Russell*
  • Ben Steele
  • * New Members

Church Officers:

  • Thomas C. Hooper, Treasurer
  • John Moskal, Assistant Treasurer,
  • Evelyn Stewart, Moderator.

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